Monday, 27 July 2009

Sun: 1 Blythe: 0

Let's talk about red. You know what's red?
Lip stick.
Some parrots.

My. body.

Oh, sunburns. I made my Facebook status the other day was "Blythe likes having a job that leaves her with sunburns... even if she doesn't like the sunburns themselves." That pretty much sums things up.

Today the young 'uns and I went to a place called Jetty Island, in Everett. It was a bit of a drive, but was totally worth it. You take a cute little ferry out to the island, and then set the kids loose. The water is warm and shallow, and the beach is incredibly sandy. Throughout the day, Clover and Neptune would chirp, "I LOVE Jetty Island!" or "Can we come back soon? Like, tomorrow?" or "Wow, I'm so glad we came!" or "We're SO LUCKY to be here!" Warmed my heart, I tell ya. Almost as much as the sun warmed my skin.

Do you live within driving distance of Everett? Then make a pilgrimage to Jetty Island. As my kids will attest, it's totally worth it.

Actually, we'll probably see you there.


  1. Sounds fun! Minus the sunburn, ouch!

  2. I have no idea where Everett is. I'm Canadian, of course. ;)

    Sorry to hear about your sunburn - hope it heals quickly. But, I'm a little jealous that you've had weather enough to get a sunburn! We've had the worst summer ever so far. All rain, storms and clouds. Blech!

    BTW, thanks for the great additions to the Facebook Status Update Personalities. How could I forget Emo?! And, of course, the Philosopher. Great ones.

  3. Oh the pains of sun burn. I hope that you heal up soon.