Saturday, 11 July 2009

They Crack Me Up

After mentioning that Neptune found another child "not a pleasure to be around," I felt it necessary to share some other excellent Things My Kids Say:

"[Our dog] can jump like a cantaloupe!" (both kids at once)

"So, you know how lions eat cantaloupe...?" (both kids)

K: "Ok, say goodbye to Blythe. She's leaving now, but you'll see her tomorrow."
Neptune (age 4): "But... who will take care of us?"

"It's not gonna happen, so you shouldn't wish for it!" (Clover)

"Are we going to drive through Spain [on the way to Montana]?" (Neptune)

"Stop steppin' on your leash, yo." (Neptune, to his dog)

"When Grace (one of their dogs) steps on me, I choke on my liver!" (Neptune)

"I'm going to go off the diving board a couple of times, but then I'm going to play with Penguin. Because I like Penguin more than I like diving boards." (Neptune)


  1. I love the things my kiddos say too! Especially when they get sad when I leave.

  2. I love the things kids say. It almost makes me wish the babies could talk more.... almost.