Friday, 31 July 2009

It's a Hard Knock Life

My life is Really Really Hard. Just to give you an example, I present to you: This Week.

Monday: Was forced (FORCED, I tell you) to spend the day at the beach (Jetty Island). Had to dig in sand, was required to splash in waves.

Tuesday: Had to go to the pool and play with Fleur, Penguin, and Lynn. Then went to Fleur and Penguin's [air conditioned] house for a playdate. Children played. Lynn and I chatted. Life was challenging, to say the least.

Wednesday: Saw Harry Potter on an IMax screen, and explored the Pacific Science Center.

Thursday: Though I was nothing short of horrified by the arrangement, I HAD to take the kids to a water park. Did I enjoy the water slides and wave pool? Um, no, of course not. Not a bit.

Friday: We sat on a balcony and watched the Blue Angels perform acrobatics. They were so very close, and did some really impressive stunts.

It's rough, I tell you. Rough.


  1. The best part? Air conditioning. Love it. On hot days I don't wanna leave work and go home to my oven of a house.