Sunday, 29 January 2012

Notes, and Obligation, and Love

Remember that time I told you about those SUPERLABOURINTENSIVE lunchbox notes I was making? To be fair, they don't really go in lunchboxes anymore, but I persist in calling them that. They're little squares of cardstock (I think about 4x4"), on which I put collages, stickers, or whatever. See?

You get the idea.

Well, I started those some time in the middle of last school year, and they received rave reviews from the children. So I carried on enthusiastically. Over time, though, inspiration has started to fade, and the time commitment required has gotten rather huge. I am happy to continue because they like them so much, but it was becoming large amounts of Obligation (as well as larger amounts of Love) that kept this project going. And then-- THEN. I gave Clover some scrapbook materials for Christmas, so she could start her own book. She's done well, and it's a cute book, but she's also used the materials for something as well-- purse notes for ME!

They are just the cutest.

So, I'll keep on making these notes.

With lots and lots of Love.

And a smidge of Obligation.

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