Friday, 12 March 2010

Predictive Text

Dear Predictive Text,

Here are some thoughts for your consideration:

I find it concerning that the word "cropped" comes up before the word "crossed." This is because I keep my fingers crossed, NOT cropped, and I find the implication that I might crop my fingers alarming.

Typing "dessert" should not result in me sending a text about a "ferret," though I'm pretty sure I might have hit a wrong letter in there somewhere. But still.

When I type "are" I don't want "Ase" as the first option. That's silly.

But to be honest, I think that it's kind of nice that "book" and "cool" are spelled with the same keystrokes. That might be because I'm the daughter of a librarian though.

And I end up saying things like, "All the book people are doing it."

So, predictive text, I would like you to fix some of these errors. But keep on with the book=cool thing. I like that.

All love,


1 comment:

  1. I know....actually spelling the words out is such a chore. ;)