Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sometimes I Really Love College

Today, class was Extremely Satisfying.

Last semester, I took a class entitled Psychology of the Black Woman in America. This semester, with the same (wonderful, glorious, fantastic) professor, I am taking Identity Development in Minority Children.

And I have never been So Mad, So Frustrated, and So Inspired. The classes have made it very clear to what degree racism continues to exist in the United States, and how pervasive it is. I (and many other white Americans) take so much for granted; we have become totally accustomed to White Privilege, and most of us spend very little of our time trying to change anything. It's getting infuriating, it really is.

We were discussing this in class today, about to get on to our chat about the readings, when our professor was taken ill and had to leave. The class stayed, and we continued to discuss the challenges exist, and then-- finally!!-- what we could actually DO about it.

I'm so very proud of my class, and excited to be a part of it. At one point I said, "Can we do something as a class, to bring this to the attention of others?" The answer was a resounding YES. The class is enthused, we are coming up with plans, and we are going to Make This Happen. I'll tell you the details later, but for now I am just really thrilled to be a part of a class that is going to do something in response to what we have learned-- not because we'll get extra credit, not because we're being graded, but because we KNOW it matters, and we are going to share that with others.

This is EXACTLY how college should be.

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  1. You are right, that IS exactly how college should be!! Fascinating when everyone can come together