Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Stereotypical College Weekend

I am amused that sometimes college is just so... college. Wasn't that profound?

This weekend has been a busy one, starting with a Friday night adventure going to see the play the theatre department was putting on. Saturday I went bowling with my mentee (who is 12 and lives in a town near here), wrote most of a paper for class, and then went to an 80s party on campus.

Let me tell you, I think I look amazing in a neon green shirt, a light purple skirt, gold spandex leggings, and a hot orange scrunchie. I didn't think I had "a colour" before, but, man, apparently that combination is perfect! Heh.

The party itself was held in a gym on campus, and was Such Fun. Unfortunately, it was shut down at 11:45 (11:45!!) due to a noise complaint. A NOISE COMPLAINT? Who makes a noise complaint at 11:45 on a Saturday night? Why would you move within a mile of a college if you had a problem with music being played at 11:45 on a Saturday night? That is ridiculous. We ended up going back to my friend's room, listening to more 80s music and ordering pizza. I went to bed by 2:00 because......

..... at 7:45 in the morning, I had to get up to get ready to leave for Hollywood by 8:30. After stopping for an almond croissant, we headed for the Jim Henson lot in Hollywood, to watch a screening of Aslan's friend's movie. What FUN!

And that, my friends, was a grand, grand weekend.

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