Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Danger of Totes

When ApisMellifica visited recently, I couldn't stop coveting her beautifully large and spacious purse. There I was with my little (ADORABLE, by the way) handbag, occasionally overflowing and spilling, and my huge camera carried separately. I mean, it was fine and all. Maybe not Ideal, but certainly a looonnng way from Life Threatening.

And yet...


I watched her closely. She would reach inside, and come up with Useful Things-- her phone, her wallet, her CAMERA. I couldn't get over it. Her camera fit in her purse. (Incidentally, we have exactly the same camera. I was RELATING to this EXPERIENCE.)

I realise I am coming across as totally crazy, but that's what I was actually experiencing-- total craziness. It crept up on me, and then, without warning, I found myself consumed with longing for a Summer Tote Bag. It would be perfect, I assured myself. I could bring everything I could ever need with me! Wallet, camera, cell phone, calendar, pens... it was starting to get out of control... sunglasses, sun screen, iPod...ahh!...snacks, a book...

See, that's the Danger of Totes. With all of that space, how are you supposed to pass up the opportunity to bring EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF?

And my tote bag has many POCKETS. Which makes it better.

Or maybe worse.

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