Friday, 4 May 2012


Periodically, I find that it is important to introduce a New Rule to the young 'uns. The most recent rule is: You may only check out as many library books as you can carry. As this is approximately 20 books, I don't feel like I'm limiting anyone too much. (My mom, by the way, was horrified that I would put such restrictions on library book reading-- but let's be clear. I'd happily take the children to the library multiple times a week if they wanted to go that often. I'm not restricting reading, just the number of books that they can check out-- and lose-- in one go.)

So, logically, Neptune decided to push that limit to the maximum, because there were So Many Marvel Books he wanted to bring home.

Fair enough.

He struggled with the bags out of the library and all of the way to the car. As bags were splitting and books falling out, I asked him if he was going to try a different number of books next time, or if this was worth it to him. (Honestly, it was not a leading question-- I was genuinely curious.)

"Next time," he told me, "I'm going to get 5 books. And if that doesn't go well, I'll get 2 books the time after that."

Apparently this 20-book plan was proving to be prohibitively difficult.

I guess the option is a little red wagon.

Which I'm not ruling out.

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