Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Luckiest Year

Remember that time I said that 2012 would be the best year ever? I was determined that it would be full of friends, adventures, health, and forward motion in terms of What I'll Be When I Grow Up.

So far, it's been a grand year in terms of visiting friends especially. You may remember that Aloha came to visit in January, which was an excellent start to the year.

In February, I had the pleasure of visiting Monica, Ginny, and Pearl.

Then in March I went down to Portland to hang out with Aslan and Wednesday, who was up visiting from the Bay Area. (Note the bottomless mimosas pictured in the photograph below.)

April brought a visit from Twirl (a friend from college) and her boyfriend. I had tremendous fun showing them what I believe to be the most important parts of Seattle-- including the Elliot Bay Bookstore, Archie McPhee, and the Fremont Troll. These stops have since become officially included in the "Blythe Tour of Seattle." Because they are awesome.

Immediately after Twirl's visit, Polka Dot arrived. She stayed for the weekend, and we packed as many adventures as possible into those two days-- trying on dresses at Anthropologie, playing at Archie McPhee, Elliot Bay, Pike Place Market, Alki Beach, the Seattle Art Museum, and the library (to name many, but not all, of the things we did).

Most recently, Apis Mellifera visited me this last week. I'll share more details of that visit in a future post, but here's a picture for now.

Later this year I'm expecting visits from Ginny, who will hopefully be in town some time this summer; Daisy, who will be here from July through September (!); and my cousin, who will hopefully be able to make it out here for a long weekend. (By then, I hope to have come up with a blog name for her.) I'm also planning on an adventure or two myself, and I hope those will come to pass.

Yes, it's a very promising year indeed.

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