Monday, 7 May 2012

Women's College

I attended a women's college. No, not a girls' school and no, not a convent. We were not a finishing school or any kind of marriage brokerage firm. I went to a women's college, and I graduated far more thoughtful, independent, resourceful, and well-informed than when I matriculated. As a psychology major, tour guide, theatre participant, and student at Scripps College, I learned more than I could ever have gotten from text books alone. The professors and other students challenged me in ways I loved, struggled with, and appreciated. And now, having attended Scripps-- a women's college, I might point out-- I have a particular response for a series of circumstances.

I went to a women's college.

Can I carry that bag for you, miss?
Oh, no. I went to a women's college. I've got it.

What's that you were saying about the intersection of race, class, and gender?
Oh, I went to a women's college. Let me explain it to you.

Are you sure you can do that?
I went to a women's college. Hell yes, I can.

Really, the truth of the matter is that, "I went to Scripps College" is more to-the-point. It's not just any women's college that affected me so deeply, it's Scripps. But that takes a little bit longer to explain.


  1. Just stumbled on your blog and loved this post!! I went to a women's college too. Meredith College in North Carolina. I enjoyed this post a lot!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and can appreciate it! I think it takes going to a women's college to really understand the enormous benefits.