Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Happy birthday, Neptune!

In honour of Neptune's sixth birthday, I would like to explain why I call him Neptune. You see, this child knows more about Greek and Roman mythology than I could ever hope to learn. While some of us where reading fairytales or the Berenstein Bears as young children, he has be listening-- avidly, intently-- to mythology. He has told me in detail about Prometheus (rather helpful, actually, when a book I was reading for college alluded to the myth), can explain in detail the rather complicated relationship between Persephone and Hades, invites (nay, demands) that his poodle play Cerberus, and once, upon being handed an inflatable hammer at Chuck E. Cheese's declared, "Look, I'm Hephaestus!" One of the most amusing moments I have personally witnessed was when he found a large forked stick and charged through
the lake waist deep, identifying himself as Neptune (actually, it might have been Poseidon-- but you get the idea). I loved it.
This wonderful child keeps me laughing with his generally silly behaviour, questionable fashion sense (how many millions of times have I seen him try to wear a shirt as trousers?) and goofy ideas. He is also, in all honesty, one of the best natured, most flexible children I have ever met. We're going to the zoo? Fantastic. He loves the animals. Oh, just kidding- we're going to the science center? How great! That place is fun. Oh, new change of plans, we'll just stay home. Fabulous! Can we play hide and go seek?
We go to a children's theatre during the summer to see plays that children put on, and this theatre is right next to his school-year daycare center/old preschool. As a result, we often run into daycare field trip when we go to see the shows, and every single time, these children wave wildly and call out with great enthusiasm, "HEY NEPTUNE!! HI! HEY, LOOK! THERE'S NEPTUNE! HI NEPTUNE!" He blushes, smiles, and waves back. You know, I can't blame those other kids at all-- I always feel like cheering when I see Neptune!

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  1. Aww, what a great nanny you are! He sounds like an amazing kid, and never a dull moment. Happy Birthday Neptune!