Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I wish I was a poet

I wish I was Dr. Seuss, Jack Prelutsky, or Shell Silverstein. I worshipped them as a child, especially Shel Silverstein. I loved the fun rhythm of their poems and all of the silly rhymes. So, of course, once I could write, I did. I wrote poetry.

Awful, awful, oh-god-I-hope-I-never-see-it-again type poetry. Deeping and meaningful poetry. It had symbolism, and it didn't rhyme. Actually, what was worse-- sometimes it did rhyme. Meaningfully. Painfully.

Anyways, I have moved on from that dark time in my history, but am back to writing poetry. Rhyming poetry. It's a little goofy, but it's fun.

Here's the latest.

I Wanna Llama

I wanna little llama
To be my very own
She'd come each time I whistled
She'd live with me at home

I'd name her Emma Ella Anne
Together we'd drink tea
And when I rode on her to school
Ooh, the kids would envy me!

I really wanna llama
I'd take good care of her
She'd always look so pretty
With her shiny, fluffy fur

I keep asking Mom and Dad
And they keep saying, "No."
I think that it's quite unfair
There are things that they don't know

I've planned what I will feed her
(Lollipops and greens)
And even share my dinner
(Do llamas eat green beans?)

I think I deserve a llama
I'd love her like no other
I'd much prefer a llama
(Instead, I got a brother.)


  1. Nice job! That was really cute.

  2. Ohh, that's good!

    I too love Shel Silverstein. I did once read that he was a very depressed man though! Go figure?

  3. Cute!

    Llamas spit ya know.

  4. I am also a huge Shel Silverstein fan. I wrote a bunch of horrible rhyming poems for my kids when they were young. But your poem is AWESOME. I love it.