Thursday, 26 February 2009

Roommate Parade

I have always been fortunate with roommates. Freshman year I was assigned to live with two wonderful girls, Loris (centre) & Pearl (left). (Incidentally, this is an awful picture me. Please ignore.) We were lucky enough to get along very well, and we had a lot of silly, crazy fun. We studied, of course, but we also held impromptu dance parties, photo shoots, play doh fights, birthday extravaganzas, knitting get-togethers, and so on. Unfortunately, room 201 had the. worst. luck. ever. Somehow, about 7 people (and 1 d0g) related to my roommates died that year. It was depressing. And yet, we are all still friends! Go team!
Sophomore year, my friends Polka Dot (right), Granola (left), and I arranged to live together. It is rather unusual for sophomores to live in a triple, but we made it work quite well. We were almost never all in the room at the same time, but when we were, it was great. One of my favourite study breaks involved a beach ball, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. The day we parted at the end of the year (I went abroad first semester, Granola and Polka Dot are abroad now), Polka Dot brought us back scones from a place in town, and we had a low-key, wonderful breakfast together. Needless to say, I miss both ladies dearly.

Then, last semester, I lived in London with a flat full of fabulous ladies. The girl on the far left of the photo below (taken in the gardens of Buckingham Palace) was my roommate. (The other girls in the photo lived in my flat too.) Again, we got along well. We bonded immediately over our dietary choices-- she's vegan and I'm vegetarian-- and just kept going from there. The whole flat really was a family, though. My roomate was the oldest daughter, the girl next to her was the twelve-year-old boy, I was the mom, and the girl on the far right was Zee, the baby. (She was the one who didn't know how to cook.) (The Dad of the family didn't come with us to Buckingham Palace.)
But despite my GREAT good fortune with roommates, I must say... my most recent roomies are certainly the quietest...! (The top picture is Piokyno and the bottom is of Bruno.)


  1. I wonder, do you have a sister?

    I did horribly with my female roommates in college. I mean, we were friends, but always clashing. I grew up w/ brothers, no sisters, and I attribute it to that. I wasn't used to all the 'girly' stuff like them borrowing my clothes and stuff like that.

  2. Okaaay, Room 201 sounds really creepy LOL and I don't think you looked bad at all in the first photo!

    Have you tried talking to Piokyno and Bruno? :P

    Much Love,

  3. I studied in London too (back in '96). I lived near the Portobello Market in a tiny, tiny flat with 2 other girls. Seriously... tiny.