Monday, 9 February 2009

I will miss this, someday.

A few days ago I was walking across campus when I looked up at the sky. It was a bright, clear blue and I could see the sliver of moon and one star. My immediate thought was, "Oh, I'll miss this." I try to steer clear of that sort of thinking, because what is it going to change?

I have been extraordinarily lucky. I have lived in Washington, Indiana, Colorado, California, Mexico,Taiwan, and --briefly-- London. I have lived in 11-13 different homes, depending on whether or not you count dorms. I have traveled to over twenty different countries, and have learned a lot in every place I have gone. I have friends all over the world, all of whom I could not do without. Yes, I really am very priviledged.

It's just that sometimes it is easy to stop and realise that with all the amazing things I have seen and done, there are things I miss with all of those.

I miss the community of our neighbourhood in Indiana. We lived on a cul de sac complete with ice cream truck, lots of families with kids and dogs, and bike trips to the local pool.

I miss the clear air and the thick snow in Colorado. We lived on a mountain and everything was fresh and clean. When the snow fell and covered the Christmas lights you could just see a faint coloured glow; I think this may be one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.

I miss the chaos of Taiwan, the easy public transport, and-- more than anything else, ever-- the people. I don't wish we could go back in time, but I will forever be thankful for my friends there. Thank god we're still in touch.

I miss the greenery of Seattle when I am in California, and the heat and sunshine of California when I'm in Seattle. (We'll ignore the fact that is POURING RAIN outside right now...)

I miss everything about London (except, perhaps, the weather).

Someday, I will miss this.

But for now, I think I'll appreciate what I've got.

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