Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Tale of Few Shoes (a tragedy)

Once upon a time there was a girl who had many pairs of shoes. She had stiletto boots, flip flops, ballet flats, running shoes, a couple of pairs of Converse sneakers, and so on. There was no shortage of footware whatsoever! Then the girl travelled abroad, and did a lot of walking. Around the time she got to Rome, she realised that her beloved Converse sneakers had fallen apart, revealing a dreadful plastic piece that dug into her ankle and made her bleed... so she threw the Converse away. Both pairs.

She missed her Converse, but she was still excited to see what there was to see. She slipped on her favourite black ballet flats, and skipped off to do more adventuring. After several weeks longer, she found herself in the south of France, standing in snow. Being an avid animal-rights supporter, this girl did not own leather shoes, and thus the synthetic material her shoes were made out of was quickly saturated.

Some more trekking through France in the snow, and by the time the girl got to California, the shoes were ruined. She threw them away, and pulled out her last pair of casual flats-- her brown shoes. This was fine for a while, but clearly they were on their last legs (so to speak). Finally, a California rainstorm finished off the shoes when she found herself standing in an ankle deep puddle. So then those got thrown away.

Now, the girl is down to: 1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of flowered ballet flats (definitely sunny weather shoes), 1 pair of white lace ballet flats, some boots and high heals, and roughly 100 pairs of (slowly disintegrating) flip flops.

A shopping trip is definitely in order.


  1. That is a tragedy! Except the places those shoes went sound so romantic.

    I am a shoe snob. I don't have quantity, I have quality. And I LOVE my Danskos. I have had them two years and they are still going strong. Just last night I was in the mall and I saw a Danskos display gleeming in a window.........I looked, but I don't need so I didn't buy.

  2. Great pic!

    So sad throwing away shoes-but seems like they lived a good life!

  3. Oh you, shopping must be done.