Thursday, 19 February 2009

It's an effort, at least.

I do not know who reads this, thus I do not know how many of you know my stance on such things as exercise, gyms, and so on. Up until recently, my stance has been solidly: No, Thank You. I like hiking. I like bike rides. I like doing-stuff-to-have fun, not doing-stuff-to-elevate-your-heart-rate.

I've had a sort of on-again off-again relationship with running especially. It started freshman year of high school, and has been mostly "off-again" since I moved back to the US before my junior year. I picked it up again second semester last year, and pretty eagerly ditched it once I went back north for the summer. (After all, I couldn't go on my usual route. What was the use of that, then? I certainly couldn't run in my neighbourhood or-- God forbid-- on the treadmill in my basement.)

And yet...


I know I SHOULD exercise. Practically, I recognise that fact. But, I convinced myself, I do so much walking around campus! Why, that's PRACTICALLY three thirty minute sessions a week of cardio, right? (No, I know.)

So I felt guilty, but did nothing about it. Until my friend, Joanna, and I made a pact to go together. I'm not entirely sure how this happened, actually, but it did. Some of it has to do with the fact that, not being a student at my school, she cannot use our Really Fancy Gym unless a student from the college is there (that would be me). The other part if it is, well, it's a lot more fun when there is someone else there! So now we go for a bit over an hour most days. And in this time, I have made two shocking discovers:

1. I don't hate exercising or gyms, I hate treadmills. They are an instrument of torture, I am convinced. Ellipticals, however, I am fine with. Joanna and I swing ourselves along on those for ages, happily engaged in the television that is attached to each (with cable-- told you it was Fancy). I don't mind those crazy weight machines, and I even don't mind sit-ups as long as they are on yoga balls. So. It's not too bad after all. In fact, I quite like it.

2. I have 9 socks. Not 9 pairs, 9 socks. Don't believe me? I have proof. See?

Maybe this is normal for some people, but it is not normal for me. I am the Queen of Socks. I have socks in every colour and pattern imaginable. Or rather, I did. Where did they all go? Where are my flamingo socks? My blueberry socks? Where is my unicorn sock? I am absolutely, 100% confused. I'm not sure I would mind as much if it didn't mean I have to do laundry so frequently now. Normally I am a flip flop kind of girl, but one cannot wear flip flops to the gym. And so, that means that every four days I have to do laundry, in order to have unoffensive feet.

But hey. At least I don't hate the gym!


  1. Good for you, learning to love the gym. I am a lot older than you and I never learned to love it, or even tolerate it. Just do what my daughter does and wear whatever two socks are clean. Try to match up the number of holes, not the pattern or color;)

  2. I joined a gym earlier this year (I fully realize it is only February). I went quite dutifully for the first few weeks...and made the mistake of doing a session with a personal trainer. I don't even walk by that horrid place any longer!

  3. Darn sock monster....

    I have a love hate relationship w/ working out. I dread it, but then afterward I feel so good. Blah.