Monday, 15 February 2010

Day 18

Ok, so my "25 Days of Random" don't necessarily follow one right after the other. Sorry about that.

Day 18: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Well, friends, what tickles my fancy today is telling you a story from Inside a College Dorm.

The time was 12:15am. The date was Thursday, February 11th. Aside from the murmurings that are always present on a college campus, the dormitory was relatively silent until... a rhythmic thumping began. "Drums?" the sleep-addled mind wondered, "Perhaps construction the middle of the night?" For fifteen minutes, I lay there, trying to ignore the sound and drift into the sleep I was confident I deserved. My phone buzzed, alerting me to a text message.

"Are you hearing this???" Zee, my next door neighbour, was also disturbed.
"What the hell is it?" I answered, still partially asleep.
"Sex. Lots of sex. Come into the hallway, and you will know."

She was right. As soon as I exited my room, the sound became immediately identifiable-- a bed was slamming into the wall (THUMP...THUMP...THUMP...) and the bedsprings were squaking angrily. There was a pause, and the noise changed (THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP). We giggled, rolled our eyes, and observed that the action taking place in the room across the hall sounded far from... well... FUN.

Soon, two students from downstairs appeared, having followed the sound to its source. Then Wednesay, who lived next door to the thumping, appeared, irritated at having been woken up. Loris followed, then her neighbour, and we were soon joined by a girl from around the corner. Soon we gave up all pretense of whispering, and discussed the event openly. Time passed. We puzzled over the lack of the vocalisation, and the seemingly unending energy behind the thumping. More time passed. We wondered how long this would go on for. It stopped. We paused, hopeful.... and then it started again.

45 minutes after the thumping began, it ended. The crowd in the hallway bid each other good night, and we all headed back to our own rooms. Thus ended the impromptu social hour on the second floor.

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