Saturday, 13 February 2010

Happy Birthday, Clover!

Today is Clover's 10th birthday. I can hardly believe it-- double digits! I was fully intending to call her in the afternoon, but she beat me to it (good thing too, as it turned out they were going to be at the cinema when I was planning to call). My phone rang at 2:30, and I didn't hang up until 3:20! It does not seem that long ago that I would have a conversation of her that consisted of me asking questions and her answering in monosyllables. Her phone skills have QUITE improved, and now every sentence starts with "Guess what?!" and goes on to be something rather exciting. (My favourite phone conversation with her started "LLAMASLLAMASLLAMAS!!!!" but that's another story.)

I adore this girl, who is in turns clumsy and graceful, patient and demanding, flexible and stubborn. No one word sums her up, and I rather like it that way. She is daring, mischievous, absolutely ridiculous, very smart, and hilariously funny. We share a pretty absurd sense of humour, an appreciation for skirts that twirl, and a deep respect for the wonder that is a Truly Good Cupcake. We have been on some grand adventures, and there are more (scheduled and unscheduled) yet to come. I can't wait!

Happy birthday, Miss Clover!


  1. She sounds like a fantastic kid. I love "llamasllamasllamas!" So cute. She's a few years ahead of Suvi so I'm always watching here for hints on what to expect. :)

    Oh, and I don't have your email address so you might want to head over here when you have a moment...


  2. And email me directly, please - !!