Monday, 20 May 2013

En Route to Phoenix

Note: I wrote this on Thursday in the plane, but was far too focused on Fun With Friends! this weekend to post it. SO I'll post it now, and then add the follow up later, I guess. For those of you following along at home.

I hope I didn't run into you as I skipped into the airport, roller bag trundling along behind me. I hope I didn't blind you with my glowing joy. I hope you were too distracted by your own adventures to be even kind of interested in mine.

I going to Phoenix. Phoenix,guys!

Right, ok, I see your point. It isn't exactly a holiday destination, though the weather forecast (100 degrees! sunny!) may suggest otherwise. I'm not going for a weekend to myself, though-- I'm traveling there to witness and celebrate Esquire's wedding, along with Hans, Aslan, Wednesday, Ginny, Fae, and Chip: dear, dear friends from college who I have not seen for far too long. I've seen each of them since college (though only just, in Fae's case-- two months after we graduated), but we haven't all been together for several years. And furthermore, a contingent of the Oregon group will also be there.

"Excited" doesn't even begin to cover it.

Other than the wedding, I'm not sure what we will do. Maybe we will explore Phoenix. Maybe we will go to my favourite tourist destination in the continental UnitedStates. Maybe we will drink. Maybe we will sit around perfectly soberly (in terms of spirits, not spirits (ah- see what I did there?)). And I will be equally happy no matter what.

I reserved a minivan for our rental car, guys.* I won't be parted from these people by more than arm's length for even a moment.

So I don't know what this weekend holds, but I know I am more excited than I have been in a very long time!

*Don't worry, Aslan is on alert to tell me if I pull out a pair of baggy khaki shorts and sensible sneakers. She will put a stop to it immediately.**

**This shouldn't be an issue. I brought almost exclusively twirly dresses.

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