Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wedding Season

I'm getting it down to an art: sincere best wishes, a set of salad bowls, travel plans, and greeting cards. RSVP as soon as possible. Offer advice only if asked. Make yourself useful.

Oh, wedding season. Unlike the holidays, Wedding Season is marked by a period of years rather than months (though that too). This year is particularly wedding heavy, with Lacie, Marigold, and Esquire all marrying their now-husbands in the past week. 

Terra and Aglio, are up next in July, and Daisy will be in August. Of course, several of these glorious events come with bachelorette parties or bridal showers, and they all involve near-endless opportunities to discuss wardrobe choices, scheduling decisions, and menu options.

I love it, actually. Their joy is like a tangible thing, and it brings me such happiness to be a part of it. I am delighted to roll up my sleeves and address some invitations, set out the centerpieces, or find the Neosporin. I revel in the opportunity to celebrate their love and commitment with friends, dancing arm-in-arm with some of the people I love the best.

And, at this point, I've almost got the logistics down: RSVP ASAP. Offer advice only when asked. Share my genuine delight, and help however possible. It's an exhausting season, but I'm not sure there is a better one.

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