Saturday, 22 October 2011

My Reputation Preceeds Me

I will be volunteering in Clover's class, helping to teach some lessons, and even teaching a little bit by myself. I'm so excited, and Clover is too. She has been asking me when I'm finally going to come in, and we're both delighted that now I have a project and an idea of a date. As I was leaving, she came up to me, grinning.

Clover: I'm going to tell Jennifer that you're volunteering. And Bryce is gonna get it!
Me: It? Get what?
Clover: You know, get it. He talks a lot.
Me: Oh, so you think I'm going to yell at him, and get mad at him, is that it? Is that what you think of me, hmmmm?
Clover: No! I don't think you'll be mad or mean. You'll just say, 'That is not respectful and you need to stop right now.'

It was actually a fairly good approximation of my tone and words. Good to know she's paying attention-- and that she thinks I can whip those 6th grade hooligans into shape!

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