Tuesday, 18 October 2011

An Open Letter to Middle Schoolers

Dear Middle Schoolers,

I'm so sorry for you-- really, I am. The ages of about 11-13 suck, no matter how you cut it. Ok, I'm sure there are some good things (I'll get back to you once I figure out what they are), but on the whole, it's just kind of rough. Not entirely a kid, definitely not an adult, and only barely a teen (if that), you are guaranteed to struggle at least a little bit. Still, you'll get through it, I'm sure. Adolescence sucks for everyone-- anyone who says otherwise is lying-- and the vast majority of us get through it relatively unscathed. We look back, laugh ruefully, and joke about "the awkward years." You'll joke too, I know, once the braces are behind you and you've come out of the other side of puberty.

Right now, though, I'm choosing to focus on one of the most delightful, ridiculous, and fun aspects of the pre-teen experience... the Middle School Dance.

I had great fun chaperoning one of these dances on Friday night, and it brought back a lot of memories-- of pretty terrible music, over-active smoke machines, and many entertaining evenings. Anyway, current middle schoolers, here's some advice I'd like to share:

1. Leggings are NOT TROUSERS. Not now, not ever, no.
2. Please, please, please wear deodorant.
3. Related: Cologne is NOT A REPLACEMENT for deodorant. Not only that, but one little spray is enough. No need to go overboard, friends.

Oh, middle schoolers. I'm giving you a hard time in this letter, but let's be honest. I admire you. I love your enthusiasm, your intensity, your ups and downs, and your evolving friendships. It's a crazy time of life, and a lot of things change; I gotta be honest, it's a delight to know those of you I do.

Love, Blythe

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